Monday, January 1, 2018

KRATORNAS - 2nd album on Grathila - TBA

Will be pestering the stinking humanity once again. There is no certainty on this. It could be 2018 or 2019. Last 2016, we've agreed to record an album and released it by June of 2017. Schedules get in the way thus nothing happened. As of this writing, no new songs were written. Will only write shit if drummer's able to drop by (ie: 6 hours drive) and we can record demos for him. Doing it oldschool. If he's not able to make it / conflicting hours, then nothing. I'll simply delete this shit. I don't have a drum machine here and never will.

Zachariah - Voz / Guitarra
GB Guzzarin - Batéria

It's the same drummer who did tracks on ‘Devoured by Damnation’. A 28 year old madman who hammers like a fucking tornado. It's going to be twice faster this time around. We're not slowing down just because "the world has moved on". We're stuck doing what we want.

Been doing Speed since 1994, will be doing Speed until the very end!

- Kratornas : Devoured By Damnation : Album 2016 -